Our Flowers

Seasonal, Local, Fresh, Bespoke

Fresh, seasonal, local and yes that may mean a little ‘different’. We can’t produce you a Peony in April but what about a beautiful ruffled double tulip instead? We grow from scratch…. from seed, cutting, bulb following the seasons, not flown thousands of miles across the world. We’re proud to support British flowers and bring you the very best produce between April – October give or take depending on the Scottish weather. Check out our FAQs to learn more

Buy Flowers

Available at select local shops, Farmers Markets, the farm gate bothy or buy online. Something to suit every budget from a little hand tied posy to a blooming bouquet. 

Let us flower up your celebration

Wholesale Flowers

Flowers for florists, flower clubs and flower lovers.  Seasonal flowers with availability changing weekly, available by the stem or in buckets. This is a side of the business we are currently planning to expand in 2021, if you would be interested in finding out more and signing up to our availability list click below