Rob & Becky / 23.7.16 / A British flowers wedding in Bedfordshire

Being asked to provide wedding flowers is such a privilege but even more so when it’s your cousins special day.

Both Rob & Becky wanted #britishflowers and in July what better option could there be!

It was great to be put in touch with the lovely folks at Howbury Farm Flowers only a twenty minute drive from the wedding venues!  Their cutting patch made me green with envy and I could have spent all day chatting to Jane!

Buckets and buckets of nigella, sweet peas, dahlia, ammi, cerinthe, scabious, cornflowers and snap dragons (to name a few) loaded up and off we went to invade the brides father’s garage where a delivery from the Real Flower Co. was waiting.  A box full of gorgeous English roses … scented and wonderful!  Meanwhile the bride and groom were dispatched to cut lavender at nearby Hitchin Lavender Farm to use in the table centres, buttonholes and pew ends! 💕

Aunty’s, Mum’s and Dad’s mucked in fetching, carrying, creating and bringing tea!

The big day itself was perfect … good friends, family, laughter, food and merriment in the hot hot summer sunshine!

Learning to Bloom

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.  It just blooms.”

I have seen this quote so many times on Pinterest.  I had never really paid much attention to it though . . . until now.

Blooming Bees was established in 2014 borne out of a desire to provide fresh, seasonal blooms which just so happen to benefit my colonies of honey bees.

As time has progressed and by the very nature of working with my flowers I have increasingly enjoyed making them into various floral creations.  Yet, I have always been careful not to call myself a florist.  I grow, cut and arrange flowers.

The definition of a florist – a person who sells and arranges cut flowers.

So why was I so loathe to use the term to describe myself as one?

It is an art and a great deal of skill and creativity is required.  I respect and admire many florists the world over; from Scotland to Scandinavia.  They were usually using materials I was not particularly interested in.  I want to use as many seasonal blooms as is possible whilst as little oasis and leaf shine as possible.  But, I did want to learn . . . only not the typical, the traditional or the ordinary.

It seemed there was an inner circle, some cloak and dagger, a mystery to the pieces being created and the florists themselves whom I encountered on the high street they themselves sworn to secrecy.

On the advice of a wonderful lady I met through Flowers from the Farm I decided to only go to the courses which ‘fired me up and that I loved the look of’ and I did in fact find people who wanted to share, teach, create and collaborate.  I spent two wonderful days with Jay Archer in her Floral Design and Flower School in Hampshire, I visited the lovely Paula Baxter at her Millpond Flower Farm near Foulden and spent a fabulous few hours with Paula Smith of Primrose & Percy.

Supporting each other is so important and an opportunity to attend a demo and to learn from Sarah of Simply by Arrangement and Rachael from Hedgerow was one not to be missed when it was offered by Flowers from the Farm.

And so, “Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would.”

So, that is what I have done.  I have developed a confidence to use the materials I like working with to create pieces for folks who also happen to appreciate something that is maybe a little less contrived, a little less conventional and a little bit different.  A lot more natural.

If you want a vase full of roses in March I may not be your girl but if you are after sweet peas that smell as sweet peas should then I can definitely help!

Good old Pinterest and its pages of quotes . .  . “have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”.  With that in mind I am looking forward to being a flamingo in a flock of pigeons; to getting stuck in this year offering something unique, to continue learning, sharing and working with like minded people.  To continue giving people a choice and with a new confidence I will be growing, picking and arranging fresh #britishflowers from my wee shed here in Angus. x